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The next global standard for hydrocarbon detection and oil field monitoring.

Monitoring Geodynamic Phenomena

Marmot Passive Monitoring SA

Representing 25 Years experience in Research, Development and Application
of seismo-acoustic passive monitoring and detection technologies

Pioneer in Passive Monitoring Technologies

5D Quantum Monitor

For Measuring, monitoring and controlling subsurface engineering operations and the potential risk assessment and system control for conventional, unconventional and enhanced hydrocarbon recovery, enhanced geothermal systems, storage and CCS.

The world is in transition
Instead of allocating assets the conservation of assets and environment and increase of efficiency become the dominant factors.

Smart Marmots Breaking News

The big challenge is: Classic exploration approach is based principally on seismic surveys for identifying geological structures, susceptible for hydrocarbon entrapment and conservation. But seismic could often miss the Non-Structural Traps. So what to do?

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