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The next global standard for hydrocarbon detection and oil field monitoring.


Marmot Passive Monitoring Technologies SA

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Marmot’s development team is presenting solutions and focusing on the solutions for Non Structural Problems (NSP)

Marmot is permanently breaking new ground on advanced monitoring technologies. Since our recent discussion with the community about this kind of passive technologies a lot of things have happened in the energy industry.
Nuclear energy is going to shut down and nobody knows where transport energy will come from in near future.
As reaction of our publication

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Challenge and Solution for Non-structural Problems

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) states:
“While petroleum is trapped in many ways, less than half of the known petroleum in the world occurs in exclusively structural traps, the remaining part is occurring in NST, pure or combined”.

According to Exxon’s official spokesman…
“All the easy oil and gas in the world has pretty much been

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Rapid petroleum potential assessment

Is the future of seismic passive?

Marmot’s CEO joined the VSP / ASP

Marmot’s CEO Lukas Schaerer recently joined the Swiss Association of Petroleum Geologists and Engineers (VSP – ASP)

“A Passive Seismic Method…”

L’AGEFI 23.Dec.09 - about storage of Carbondioxide

L'AGEFI 24.Sept.09