Marmot's PointMarmot's PointMarmot's PointMarmot's PointMarmot's PointMarmot's Point

The next global standard for hydrocarbon detection and oil field monitoring.


Marmot Passive Monitoring Technologies SA

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 Application In The Oil Industry 

Passive Monitoring Technologies (PMT) are offering the key solutions
for the challenging tasks in the oil industry

    Marmot's PointGreen field delineation for regional hydrocarbon analysis
    Marmot's PointDetection of “Non Structural” Traps (NST)
    Marmot's PointPre cursor for 3D Seismic
    Marmot's PointDetect most probable well location and avoid dry wells
    Marmot's PointField development: Detect OWC and the extension of the Oil pool – Volumetric estimation of Oil in place – Reduce the Uncertainty
    Marmot's PointMonitoring of OWC and Hydrocarbon Fluid Sweep Schemes in producing Fields with permanent installations and 5DQM monitoring Systems

Focus of Application

    Marmot's PointMinimize Risk and Maximize Efficiency in the Energy Industry